Why Policy Audits & Best Practice Assessments Matter

Adopting the built-in features of our Next-Generation Firewalls reduces network security risks. The Firewall Policy and Best Practice ­Assessment identify opportunities for remediation, enabling you to:
The Assessment consists of several parts: the assessment itself, a ­Security Policy Capability Adoption Heatmap, and an executive summary. The Best Practice Assessment is a focused evaluation of your adoption of security configuration best practices for Next-Generation Firewalls or network security ­management, grouped by policies, objects, networks, and devices.
  • Reduce re-work and change requests due to misconfigurations.
  • Ensure you’re on top of your configurations and avoid receiving urgent calls about misconfigurations at the eleventh hour.
  • Build confidence in your controls through visibility.
  • Quickly understand where to focus your security team’s efforts.
  • Regular assessments can help your network administrative team prioritize tasks to address deficiencies.

Benefits of a policy audit & best practice assessment

A quick and easy assessment that provides a barometer of your security implementation.
  • Understand how to better protect your network by looking deep into your security policy adoption.
  • Cleanup unused rules and objects
  • Cleanup permissive rules
  • Validate key settings
  • Adopt a unified policy format
  • Improve your security team’s efficiency by following easy-to-action recommendations.