Oventium® Overwatch

Eyes on Glass

Overwatch is an XDR solution to prevent, detect, and mitigate the risk of an attack. The service offers a confluence of human intelligence investigating threat indicators across a comprehensive set of analytics acquired from the critical sources across your enterprise.
Our platform employs advanced capabilities to accelerate the analysis of critical events, enrich them, and provide immediate, actionable steps for response and remediation.

XDR for a Holistic Approach

Overwatch leverages advanced XDR capabilities that maximize security effectiveness without the requirement of a forklift upgrade of your security stack.   Our security experts will analyze high-fidelity alerts that correlate across your entire ecosystem in real-time.  Our holistic approach to security provides the coverage and assurance that you can count on to protect your critical assets.

AI-Powered Endpoint

We can help you enhance your security effectiveness at the endpoint host, this is where all the action is!
Overwatch managed endpoint will enhance readiness to meet the dynamic security needs of your business, enhance visibility, action, and timely response to critical events so that your business is secure.
If you are lacking operational resources, need a scalable endpoint solution that does more than EDR, and want to leverage a proven technology that is powering over 3500+ clients then contact us about a demo.

SOC as a Service

Overwatch offers a SOC as a Service that yields actionable results to mitigate and remediate critical threats across the enterprise ecosystem.
The Overwatch team provides eyes on the glass to protect your assets 24x7x365 with advanced XDR capabilities to enhance your security effectiveness.