Oventium® Managed Services

Oventium is our cybersecurity managed services offering. It was established to combine our client success experience with engineering expertise to accelerate digital transformation and improve existing cybersecurity programs.

Oventium Managed Services

Our managed services can tackle today’s most prominent cybersecurity challenges. Combined with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant technology partners, our services provide comprehensive and tailored security programs that start with the outcomes that best meet your organization’s needs from a technical, operational, and financial fit.
Technology challenges that we support:
  • Scalable and current technology, software, and hardware that grows with your business needs
  • Up-to-date knowledge of new technology advances and security risks
  • Enterprise-wide protection and sustainable security programs
  • Ensuring adequate IT controls, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and endpoint protection
  • Knowledge transfer that guides and educates management, staff, and stakeholders
Our established managed services and deep subject matter expertise provide continuous monitoring and protection for your IT applications, computing, and network infrastructure.
Our services can be tailored to meet customized requirements and are mission-focused on client success, leveraging our excellence in design, implementation, and optimization of Gartner Magic Quadrant cybersecurity solutions.

Mobile/Endpoint Solutions

With more employees using their own devices to do their work, there’s a broader range of security risks. We offer mobile and endpoint solutions to help prevent breaches before they happen.
Based on your security needs, we can provide firewalls, anti-malware software, program control, remote access VPN, full disk encryption, and more. We’ll work with you to identify these risks and create a solution that will keep your network safe.
Oventium’s Next-Generation Essential Services is an advanced security program that caters to clients’ security needs. It is backed by a team of Seasoned Certified Security Engineers (SCSE) and project managers with experience in supporting and implementing hundreds of clients in all industries.

Managed Essential Security Services

Our tailored approach lets you decide whether you want to manage in-house or manage for you with our Overwatch Endpoints Managed Service.

Managed Firewall

Enterprises with Check Point or Palo Alto Networks
  • Quarterly policy review & policy recommendations in accordance to Zero Trust best practices
  • 1 major version upgrade per year/ 4 minor release upgrades per year
  • Monitoring status/health of devices
  • Monthly log review with client

Managed Firewall

New client implementation – Palo Alto Networks/Check Point Software/Fortinet
  • Sizing scope
  • Policy conversion/build/install
  • Quarterly policy review
  • 1 major version upgrade per year/ 4 minor release upgrades per year
  • Monitoring status/health of devices/Log review with client
  • Monthly log review with client

Managed SME Firewall

New build only –
  • All in one device with cloud management/Policy
  • System upgrades are supported through cloud management
  • Monitoring status/health/Log review
  • SDWAN capable/4G backup

Breach Prevention & Detection

Overwatch is an XDR service to prevent, detect, and mitigate the risk of an attack. Breach detection and response are imperative to enhance the efficacy of your security stack and continuously monitor a dynamic enterprise ecosystem.