The Zero Trust
Case Study

One Client’s Zero Trust Journey

Our client, a Fortune 2000 company, delivers financial technology solutions and services to financial services clients in the asset management, wealth management, and alternative investment space around the globe.
They recognized that it was time to take critical steps towards a Zero Trust Security program due to challenges with their MPLS implementation. Also, the cost was becoming increasingly prohibitive from both an operational and capital expense perspective. In addition, the client’s user base had transitioned from office to remote, and they were periodically going to their geographic base spread across 15 locations across the globe.
IOvations’ first step in our Zero Trust Journey was to perform a Policy Review and System Health Check to determine the state of their current security efforts.
As we reviewed our System Health Check and Policy recommendations with the client, we also expressed the value of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) from a design perspective. This approach would yield many benefits and migrate the client away from an IP-based policy to a more specific user-based policy based on the user’s identity and application. In addition, we leveraged the internet for office connectivity and ultimately designed a solution that eliminated the need for $1.5 Million annual recurring costs for MPLS circuits.
The IOvations Zero Trust Journey led the clients’ users to access resources without traversing back to the corporate data center via MPLS circuits and leveraging a pragmatic identity and application-based approach.
This approach provided a more granular process to the policy without sacrificing performance. Also, it facilitated the ability to segment the office locations and the user population in a much more secure manner.
Critical attributes of Zero Trust are rooted in identity, segmentation, and granular access, all of which were achieved in this project engagement.
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Zero Trust Action Plan

The journey towards Zero Trust is anchored on five themes:
  1. Defining the attack surface
  2. Planning and maturing towards a Zero Trust Architecture that is customized to map to business needs
  3. Instituting a Zero Trust policy centered around the who/what/where/why
  4. Visibility and Monitoring – extensible solutions that can continuously review logs and generate an actionable yield on alerts